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PureLean Fiber

PureLean Fiber

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The gut microflora is recognized as an important factor in overall health, with potential roles ranging from cellular integrity and immune response to metabolic function and weight management.†

PureLean® Fiber contains a powdered blend of prebiotics as soluble fibers and insoluble fibers to promote weight management†, digestive health, nutrient absorption, satiety, regularity, detoxification, G.I. cell health and microflora balance.‡

The soluble fiber in PureLean® Fiber may help slow the rate of digestion, promoting satiety, digestive health, nutrient absorption and healthy glycemic control. Each serving of PureLean® Fiber contains 1 gram of glucomannan; research has showed that glucomannan is particularly supportive of healthy lipid metabolism. Soluble fiber may enhance satiety by absorbing water and adding bulk in the digestive tract.‡

• Promotes healthy weight management† by supporting healthy microflora balance, glycemic response, and satiety‡
• Contains blend of insoluble and soluble fibers to support digestive health, nutrient absorption and regularity‡
• Convenient powder formula

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