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PureDefense Collagen w/ Bone Broth powder

PureDefense Collagen w/ Bone Broth powder

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Each nutrient-dense, savory serving of PureDefense Collagen with Bone Broth powder supports your immune function, G.I. lining and joints. Just add hot water to our convenient bone broth powder made from grass-fed, hormone-free beef bones and collagen peptides. A serving offers 15 grams of protein, EpiCor® postbiotic, immune-supportive mushrooms, organic vegetables, fermented black garlic and enhanced absorption curcumin. Our bone broth is naturally rich with key amino acids for joint and cartilage support: Proline/hydroxyproline specifically promote cartilage and collagen health, while arginine and glycine are essential in creatine synthesis for your joints.‡

•Immune system support with fermented EpiCor® postbiotic‡
•Promotes barrier integrity—specifically, the G.I. mucosal lining‡
•Cell health and joint support from natural, bioactive compounds (like plant-based flavonoids)‡
•15 grams of protein from grass-fed beef bone broth and collagen peptides

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