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The clinically researched botanicals in Phyto-4 help support immune, joint, cellular and tissue health. This formula is offered with Perluxan®, a clinically studied extract of hops specifically developed to promote joint health. Perluxan® is free of sleep-inducing and phyto-estrogenic compounds typically associated with hops extracts. We also included Curcumin C3 Complex®, which contains 95% curcuminoids, and ginger, which may promote joint health. Also included in the formula is 5-LOXIN®, a Boswellia plant extract that offers support for joint and connective tissue health, as well as offering support for joint comfort.‡

•Formula contains ingredients that support joint, cartilage and connective tissue health‡
•Supports immune, cellular and tissue health‡
•Contains botanicals that maintain tissue health by targeting areas of the immune system‡

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